Limited Geek N Game swag box vol. 1 (With chance at upgrades)

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Welcome to Geek N Game monthly swag box. (With chance at upgrades)

2020 hit the gaming and geek world hard when all of our cons got cancel across the world. Cons are more than just fun for our community. These are places where streamers, cosplayers, and artist get to meet and communicate with other like-minded individuals. We get to grow our network at these events. For some individuals this is where they make 90% of there income. We look forward to these events all year and heartbreaking that we lost them.

This is why we have made the Geek N Game monthly swag box. This gives a chance for streamers, Cosplayers and artist to still get there swag out into the world. To grow and show off what they love doing.  Here is what you will find in this month’s box.

This is a limited box and only 100 boxes will be sold. Each item has about a 20% chance at getting an upgrade. 

  • 1 Funko pop provided by In upgraded boxes you could find Chase, Vaulted or in store exclusives. Kibler’s is a amazing Funko and comic shop that is known for there customer service. If they don’t have what you are looking for, they will do there best to help find it even at another store and you will not find another shop that does shipping better than Kiblers. 
  • 1 comic provided by Just like above but we really can’t say enough great things about them. In upgraded boxes you could find cover variants and first editions.
  • 1 print provided by lvl up art gallery. At lvl up art gallery you will not just find prints but some amazing Comic-Con style one of a kind art work from some incredible artist. Many of the artist you may even recognize from your favorite comic books. In upgraded boxes you could find holograph prints or even a metal print. You can check lvl up art gallery at
  • 1 Cosplay photo provided by Pocket Size Cosplay. In upgraded boxes you could even find an autographed photo. Pocket Size Cosplay are local Houston Tx cosplay twins who can be found doing their thing at places like Comicpalooza and Texas Renaissance Fest. You will would be hard press to find sisters who do it better than Pocket size Cosplay. One of the great things about Pocket Size Cosplay is they have not painted themselves into a corner. You can see on their Instagram they cosplay all type of genres from DC, Sailor moon, Disney, Video games, and even some frighting twins. Head over to Instagram and check them out.
  • 1 Geek N Game sticker with chance at holo sticker in upgraded boxes and 2 stickers from Hell Spawned Cosplay. One of the amazing things about Hell Spawned Cosplay is he does some cosplay you don't see every day like He-man and my personal favorite Spawn! To be fair though not just anyone can cosplay He-man. Hey Hell Spawned Cosplay give me back my abs! You can follow Hell Spawned Cosplay at
  • 1 Geek N Game Button with chance at finding a bloody chase button because hey we can leave ourselves out of the box!
  • NOT ALL BOXES WILL GET #7! A few boxes will get a proto type of a custom Geek N Game Funko pop look alike. This is not an official Funko pop but inspired by Funko pop and made by us. This is not our official final version but one of our very first protos.


Shipping disclosure: We always do our best to package extremely well but we cannot control any shipping companies. All Boxes will be shipped with $100 insurance.  If you order more than one box at a time everything will be shipped in one box because you will be charged combined shipping and not two separate charges to save you money! When using larger boxes, you run a risk of a shipping company putting more boxes on top of them and have a greater chance of damage. If you do have damage please contact the shipping company because we ship everything with $100 insurance and we do not keep spare boxes in stock.  

Boxes normally ship out within a couple of days of order.
Boxes are NOT returnable for any reason…….

Comic Book Condition Disclaimer! New Releases arrive in VF/NM condition from distributor. We immediately bag and board. We do NOT guarantee 9.8 condition. We attempt to provide “desirable” condition comic books. We are collectors at heart, but as another friendly reminder the only way to guarantee a 9.8 condition book is to buy a 9.8 condition comic book.

Funko pop disclaimer: Because of the age of some boxes since you could find vaulted pops we cannot guarantee box condition.

SOME BOXES COULD RECEIVE BONUS ITEMS AS A THANK YOU! These items are not always Funko related. These items could be posters, pins, comics or many other things.

We love to see feedback on what you got. Please share your boxes at

If you get something you want to sell or trade let us know at

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