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Geek N Game has partnered up with Kiblers Kollectables and Thunder Customs & Crafts to bring you a one of a kind mystery boxes. Our goals were to provide the Geek N Game community with a Mystery Box that had the best odds with the best price.

Each Mystery Box will come with 2 Funko Pops. Limited to 130 boxes total.

1 out of 6 boxes has a Chase Funko Pop

1 out of 6 Boxes has a Funko Pin or Soda can. Soda cans are unopen so you could end up with a chase. Any soda chase does not count towards the 1 out of 6 boxes having a chase since we do not know if the soda cans are chase or not. Some soda chase are value up to $75 PPG at time of look up.

1 out of 10 boxes has a Custom Funko provided by Thunder Customs
Every box that does not have a Chase, Custom, soda can, or Funko pin will have at least 1 Exclusive Funko Pop.

Here are some of the Funkos you could find and someone will find.
Dabi My Hero Academia Value at $130 PPG at time of Look up
Patrick Bateman (Bloody) Chase Value at $65 PPG at time of look up
Joker Pin all purple chase Value at $55 PPG at time of look up
Loki Pin all gold chase Value at $50 PPG at time of look up
Aurora chase #325 Value at $41 PPG at time of look up
WWE Kevin Nash Chase #74. Value at $41 PPG at time of look up
Birds of prey Roman Sionis #306. Value at $19 PPG at time of look up.

Soda can chase value up to $75 PPG at time of look up.

Mystery Boxes are normally ship out within a couple of days of order.
Mystery Boxes are NOT returnable for any reason.

All Mystery Boxes will be provided by Kiblers Kollectables and we would to thank them for the opportunity they are providing to our community. You can check out Kiblers Kollectable at

Please remember this is a Mystery Box. Only guarantee is you will get at least 1 Exclusive OR 1 Chase, OR 1 Custom Funk Pop Or 1 Funko Pin or 1 Funko Soda can and Each box has a total of 2 Funko items in it. Buy at your own risk. Buying multiple boxes does give you more chances but does not increase your odds.
If you order more than one box, we cannot guarantee you will not get a double.

Shipping disclosure: We always do our best to package extremally well but we can not control any shipping companies. If you order more than one box at a time everything will be ship in one box because you will be charge combine shipping and not two separate charges. When using larger boxes, you run a risk or a shipping company putting smaller boxes on them and have a greater chance of damage. If you do have damage please contact the shipping company because we do not keep spare boxes in stock. We strongly encourage you if you are worried about the boxes that come with your items that you make separate orders for each box.